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Add some color to your wardrobe

There are times when a piece comes together like a piece of cake (no pun intended!).   Other times I have to wait awhile before they fall into place.  With this dramatic red and green necklace, I had no trouble putting the faceted red and green beads together.  But then I thought, it needed a little pizzaz. I checked my treasure box of beads and stuff and nothing was calling. So I put it away thinking, it needs to time.

Then I went to a flea market and came across a lady selling fabric and theater costume pieces. DSC04570

And among the pieces of theatrical costume and in a box of bits and bobbins, I found this pendant all by its lonesome self.  It used to be part of what they call bijoux de theatre from the 30s.  These were pieces that actors used on stage and as it was for the stage, they were often big, gaudy and well, theatrical looking.  All by itself though, this pendant was quite lovely with its original green and red glass cabochons still intact after these many years.  Then I had an Aha! moment. This is exactly what that green and red necklace needed!  I took it home and now the piece was complete!DSC04571



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Baby steps


Friends, this line right here represents my fledging efforts to master a jeweler’s saw.  As with all skills, there’s a certain technique to be learned and a certain way of doing it.  What I realized though, while sitting there and sawing was that there’s also a certain frame of mind to be in.  I can’t force the saw or the metal. There’s no fighting with the saw, in fact, I’m told that a death’s grip on it is not the way to go.  It seems that I almost have to be zen yet certain of what I want the piece to be for it to work. For a few moments here and there, I could see what they mean, moments when my saw cut smoothly through the metal with me holding lightly to it.  Its a start. Can’t wait to see where I go next with it.


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Matching stuff


I don’t often have enough beads to make matching things. I make from what I find.  And that’s sometimes frustrating because I like to have the earrings that go with the necklace or a bracelet and necklace. Even more so when the beads are as distinctive as these round glass ones! I lucked out though with these as I had just enough to be able to make a pretty set!

I feel in a more playful mood now that we’ve left (fingers crossed) the cold weather behind and I think this set is the perfect thing to wear.

I love how the circles have edges and how the little dangle in the middle makes this piece so much fun!  The red glass circles are french made from the 40s while the little pearls and glass beads in the middle are from the 50s.


Here’s a close up look at the necklace!



If you’re interested in this piece, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

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A new direction




Due to a recent major change in my life, all my beautiful beads are still carefully packed away like the treasures that they are and I’m in a waiting sort of mood. But waiting for what? For better weather? For inspiration to strike? Maybe I’m just waiting for time to sit and find a quietness to create something magical.   To be honest, I love the process of creating my pieces but I’ve been so struck with the newness of everything and of the idea of having to start from scratch in a new place.  Good or bad,  a major change is a chance to stop and reflect, evaluate and take stock.

With the arrival of spring, it seems that I’ve taken the first baby steps in evolving my process of creation. A sort of evolution for De Petites Merveilles, if you will.  See the bangle in the picture? Its a simple copper bangle but friends, I made it all myself.  The process is all new and I had help, of course, but I cut the raw copper, used a torch on it to create a circle and then hammered it to the shape it is now and to give it texture.  Its a simple piece (and the picture doesn’t quite do it justice) but it representative of a new direction I’d like to take. I love the idea of working the raw material and I’m excited about the many possibilities it offers. I can’t wait to see how these new pieces will work with my beautiful antique beads.

And I can’t wait to share them with you.