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Continuing the theme from yesterday

Hello friends, I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post but decided to continue my theme from yesterday instead. I love this next find of mine. It’s a vintage wooden bag and what makes it nice is it’s decoupage front. I wish I could capture it better so you could see how much depth it has, it’s almost like a diorama. I love the 3D effect of the bag.
I was so curious about this bag and as it turns out, bags like this were really popular in the 50s till about the 70s and this particular scene is taken from the work of Anton Pieck. He was an early 20th century Dutch painter whose works were marked by its fairytale like quality.
Isn’t it really pretty?


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Some recent finds

Hello friends, it’s been awhile since I did a flea market finds post so today I thought I’d share some recent finds.
Recently, I’ve been super lucky to have found some wonderful vintage children’s books.
I found The Magic Garden and In The Nursery, books edited by Olive Dupre Miller from The Book House for Children. I didn’t know this company at all and it turns out that this company was founded by Ms. Miller who wanted to publish children’s books according to her strict standards. She wanted to provide the best literature for children which would help the child develop good values.
They contain gorgeous stories and rhymes and are beautifully illustrated. Even after all this time, the colors are still very vibrant and alive. Just look at these illustrations





I lucked out even more when I found a children’s book with decorations by Maurice Sendak. It’s called The Animal Family by Randall Jarrell and it was published in 1965. I don’t know this author and I’m really looking forward to reading this book! Here are some of Maurice Sendak’s illustrations..



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Throwback Thursday:Finding a special present

DSCN0144At the Clarkston show last weekend, a man came up to my stand and as is my habit, I explained to him what my jewelry is all about.  He was very interested and asked a lot of questions.  It turns out he was looking for a present for his wife.  This was a refreshing change since most of the time, the women look at my booth and the menfolk stand around looking bored.  I was even happier when he told me that he wanted to buy a present because he recognized what a special woman he had in his life.  Isn’t that the nicest thing to hear?

I’m happy to say that he found what he was looking for with this necklace. What makes this necklace special are the pendants that I created from Bohemian glass from the 40s.  I love these faceted rondelle beads. They are so versatile and can really make a piece stand out.  When I find them, I always try to hang on to them a bit, just because they’re pretty.  But I was certainly very happy that this piece found itself a special new owner!

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At work

Hello friends, after last weekend’s show I’m back on my desk, working on some new pieces. I’m excited about some vintage filigree findings and charms that I bought during my last trip in Paris. These date back to the 50s. I love filigree. There’s something timeless about them and I find them so delicate and ladylike as well. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.



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Show recap

Hello friends, today I thought I’d do a recap of the craft show last weekend. I set out early and was promptly surprised by the heavy fog that covered everything. It was quite scary, I breathed more freely when I reached the show grounds. Luckily the fog lifted and it turned out to be a magnificent day!
I had barely finished my stand when the first shoppers arrived and we were off! For once I had a big stand so I had 2 tables instead of only one. It was nice to be able to spread out more than usual. Looking at it now makes me realize how much I love my vintage frames!



As always there were so many interesting booths with handmade items and various crafts. A number of them were devoted holiday themed decorations including these Pilgrim dolls for Thanksgiving. I guess it’s not too early to start decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

My favorite booth was the one with little glass vases that you can hang on your window or door. Aren’t they pretty?



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Putting a piece together

Friends, remember the yellow pendant that was part of my loot from Greece? The yellow bead is glass, most likely from the Czech Republic, and dates back from the 50s.

I love it’s punchy color but it’s not the easiest thing to match with other beads. Last weekend, I looked through my bead boxes and found two beads I’d bought in France and realized that they were the same color! I added some pretty gold caps to decorate the beads and voila, I had the perfect match for the pendant.

It’s ready to make its public debut this weekend at my first big fair for the fall! More details on that to follow !

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Throwback Thursday


Hello friends, today on Throwback Thursday post, I wanted to feature this pretty pair of black and white earrings. Black and white is one of those really classic combinations that never go out of style. So I wanted to make my own version of this classic. I love how these black beads have little white pearls running all around its middle. These beads were made in France in the early part of the 1900s. And just to make it even prettier, I decided to add pretty white glass pearls to this pair!