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Giving thanks


Today we woke up to a snowy Thanksgiving. More than any other holiday, today is the day to reflect and give thanks.
To family and friends, though far, we hold you close in our hearts. Your love warms us all year round.
To new friends, thank you for enriching our lives with your presence.
To new opportunities and adventures that this land offers, thank you for the chance to do something wonderful.
And always to F and E.

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One more for the show

Before I pack everything away in preparation for tomorrow’s early start, I wanted to share one more piece that I just finished. I’m always a little anxious before a show hence the rush to finish new pieces. I’m quite happy with how this turned out. The clover is a vintage charm from the 50s and the little glass rosettes come from France from the 50s as well.



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Craft show preparations

Apologies friends for the silence but I’ve been busy preparing for the Royal Oak Arts and Craft Holiday Fair. This is going to be a huge show with a wide selection of handmade gifts. Since we are getting close to the holidays, I’ve been preparing lots of pretty things that would make perfect presents under the tree. Hope to see you there !!


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A sweet discovery

Just in time for the weekend, I discovered the wonderful cakes of the Imerman Cake Company. Their cakes are certified organic and free from artificial sweeteners, in short they’re healthy cakes. To be honest, I’m not so fond of cakes labelled organic. For some reason, all those I’ve tried have been dry. The Imerman organic chocolate chip coffee cake however is delicious and moist. It’s rich without being heavy with a wonderful chocolatey taste. I just had to bring one home.
The company is family run, and the recipe for the cakes are from the family too. They’re fairly new to the cake industry but I’m sure they’ve got a great future ahead of them. I’m really looking forward to more cakes from Imerman!
Here is Jane and her son Jeffrey


And here is the chocolate coffee cake that I’m going to enjoy this weekend.



For more info on Imerman cakes and where to find them, check out their site

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Queueing for H and M


Today I attempted to do some online shopping and this is the sight that greeted me. I’ve never been in an online queue before today and I certainly didn’t expect it from H &M. I should explain however, that the queue came about because of its much anticipated collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant. She’s the reason why I was online along with it seems everybody else.
But an online queue? This was too much for me. I’m an old fashioned shopper. I like trying things on and checking out how they’re made and where they’re made. I like to feel the fabric of clothes and turning them inside out. And yes, I’ve been known to queue for amazing sales before brick and mortar stores, but there at least, you are with like minded people. A certain camaraderie builds amongst each other.
But an online queue? Where’s the fun in that?

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Craft show finds

One of the nicest things about doing craft shows is meeting so many talented and creative individuals. I’ve never been to a show where I didn’t meet anyone that I thought was really cool. I thought it’d be nice to feature them here in the blog so that you dear friends, could meet them too.
Just this weekend, I met two people whose works are crafty, creative and just plain cool.

Jamie of skoolsnaps
makes great gift items from school themed alphabet photography. I don’t know about you but it’s hard to find the right gift for teachers. And I think these would make such nice presents for them. As I sit and write this, I’m thinking they’d make nice presents for people you normally have a hard time giving gifts to since they’re customizable. Oh and if you do meet Jamie, ask her to tell you the story of her vintage luggage!


Scott of fatcatimages on the other hand, features Lego figures in his photos. Yes, you read that right–Lego figures and he makes amazing photo scenes with them. They’re funny and playful and one of them is really sweet and tender. You have to check out his site to see what I mean as I’m not sure my pictures convey their whimsical charm.


I can’t wait to meet other people in the next craft shows!

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For the little ones

At my last show, a little girl came up to my stand and started looking at the bracelets. She really wanted to have a bracelet but none of them fit her. She left looking so disappointed. It got me thinking about this big lot of vintage plastic beads that I have managed to accumulate despite not using them in my jewelry. They’re a riot
of fun colors and I thought I’d try my hand at making a few things for kids.
Here are some of my first ones..


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Crafting with Grace show recap

When I opened the door to go out to the craft show at Ann Arbor last Saturday, I was greeted by sheets of pouring rain. I tell you, driving in the pouring rain is no fun. I had a moment of apprehension when I realized that I had missed a crucial turn because of the rain. Fortunately I was able to make my way and I arrived safely albeit a bit late to set up for the show. I had barely finished when the first group of shoppers arrived!
I really appreciated the show organizers efforts to help the crafters. It’s so rare that there are people to help you unload your things and even more rare to be offered water, juice and snacks during the day. All this plus everyone was really nice! This certainly helped me during the day!
When I had a calm moment, I took a quick look around and as always I found interesting individuals.
One lady actually brought her own bobbin so she could work on her hand spun yarn. I’ve never actually seen yarn being spun before and it was a treat to see an expert. Her yarn was so smooth, I’m sure knitters would have a great time using it to make beautiful things!

Here is a sample of her yarn

Another crafter blows her own glass to make ornaments, vases and glasses. Aren’t they pretty Christmas ornaments? You can find more of her work through her website

Another stand I found completely lovely was by a lady who creates new things with rescued and found objects. She paints and makes collages to tell a story out of old things. Her things were whimsical and utterly lovely. To see more of her work, visit her etsy shop SimplyJoyToo.


Perhaps the stand that surprised me the most was this one. I thought they were children’s clothes but they are actually doggie clothes!


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Pastel pink

Maybe because it rained so much yesterday, I found myself going through some soft colored beads. And while I love my glass beads and work primarily with them, I have a soft spot for gemstones. I especially love those in the pink and violet spectrum— rose quartz, pink sapphires, amethysts and kunzites. So I was really happy to find a strand of pink chalcedony hiding in my drawer. Chalcedony is believed to have many healing powers and the native American Indians revered this stone. I love this color and if the fashion mags are to be believed, pink is the color of autumn/winter 2013. All good reasons to wear pink chalcedony!
To finish it off I decided to match the pink chalcedony with some vintage yellow Venetian beads.


This set is definitely off to the Ann Arbor craft fair tomorrow!!