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Pretty in pink


This morning we are blessed with sunny blue skies! Hooray for spring! I looked over my new selection of jewelry and it seems that my palette is dominated by pretty pinks and lavender. I suppose its my way of thinking myself into spring?

This morning’s selection is mostly earrings and two bracelets.  The first bracelet (pictured above) features vintage French beads from the 50s decorated with gold tone caps. I love this combination of pink and gold, its rich without being brassy.  I especially love the two carved beads, they’re a lovely shade of pink that recalls rose quartz.

I had a hard time capturing the lavender pink shade of these earrings.  Its almost opaque and because it is quite simple in style, goes with a lot of things.  These are Czech glass beads from the 50s as well.


I think it goes quite beautifully with this next bracelet.  This one features vintage violet Czech beads but what makes it stand out are the little crown beads interspersed between each bead. These are French beads from the late 30s and were used to decorate women’s clothes.  They’re quite rare now and I was pleased to have found some.


If I were forced to choose my favorite piece of jewelry, I’d have to pick earrings. I almost never leave home without a pair. Whenever I’m not feeling particularly creative, I find that making a pair of earrings will bring me back on track.

This pair of silver pink earrings are vintage foil glass beads from France and they date back to the 50s.  These beads are interesting because one can see through the base of the bead itself.  This makes me wonder about the person who made this bead.  Was this deliberate or was it accidentally made like this and left as is?


And finally the last but not the least, a fun pair of pink crystal drop earrings.  You put this one on and you are good to go!20140331-113536.jpg



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Friday fun plus links



Its the weekend! Or almost!!  What fun things have you got planned? Going around the stores, I noticed loads of Easter decorations. I suppose its not too early to get started on those preparing those adorable Easter baskets, bunnies included. For my part, I think I’m on the right track thanks to my find from yesterday’s shopping tour which you can read about here. I found these  adorable vintage nesting eggs from Vintage Vogue and they’re perfect for an Easter Egg hunt!

So I thought I’d do a round up of interesting reads to share with you all on this rainy Friday…

Who likes Legos? If you are, check out the BrickBash

Are you a beauty products fiend? There’s a new kid on the block, thanks to the arrival on the scene of an old Parisian brand– L’Officine Universelle Buly brand…

Interestingly enough,  some folks prefer to look to Etsy for their beauty needs. If you are, then this is an interesting read from the New York Times

Still on Etsy, there’s a great post on How To Use Instagram for Marketing.   I wasn’t entirely convinced about Instagram but a friend of mine (thanks to D!) convinced me to try it and I love it! Its a wonderful way to visually share your world and its a great place to find inspiration.  And now, a useful post for all business owners. Read it here.

Hope you have fun with these articles! Have a good weekend everyone!





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A vintage shopping morning



Today dawned gray and drizzly. But this did not stop a group of us from joining Loren Weiner in her Vintage Shopping Tour.  Loren is a great guide as she is passionate about vintage and more importantly, the design possibilities it offers.  She has a keen eye for pieces that are not necessarily the most expensive but, are interesting and adaptable to modern living.  If you are interested in learning more about Loren’s work, check out her site.

Essentially this morning’s activity revolved around two specially chosen places that are full of interesting treasures and trinkets that make vintage shopping so much fun.  As we walked around the stores, Loren talked to us about some standout pieces and what could be done with them.

Our first stop was Vintage Vogue.  You’d never guess it from the outside, but it is crammed full of furniture,light fixtures, paintings, clothes and jewelry. There is so much to see and I’m told that they have an even bigger warehouse full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. I’m going to have to make another trip just to see that!! I did snap a few photos of some things that caught my eye.  Here are a few of them…

A wonderful selection of antique and vintage needlepoint and beaded bags…


A 60s era table lamp that I thought was wonderful.  I love the idea of a three in one lamp! This way you’re sure to have ample light to read by..


And because I adore trinkets, I thought this lipstick holder was pretty awesome. Who can tell that its a mere lipstick holder?20140327-165616.jpg


Time passed all too quickly but luckily we still had a second stop to look forward to. Oddfellows is actually an antique mall serendipitously located inside one of  downtown Berkley’s oldest buildings—the Oddfellows Hall.  The hall was constructed in 1920.   According to Wikipedia, the OddFellows is actually a benevolent and altruistic fraternal organization that was derived from the British OddFellows service organizations of the 17th century.  I thought it quite fitting that antiques and vintage pieces would be housed in such a building.

There are about 50 different vendors in the Oddfellows antique mall.  It was an interesting experience to browse the different booths as they had very interesting and varied selections.  Some pieces stood out for me.

I loved this French vanity table with its gorgeous wood inlay work.


And because I love Murano glass, this chandelier was a stand out for me.  It dates back to the 1920s/30s.  20140327-165745.jpg

There were lots of vintage children’s books..20140327-165829.jpg

and I’m still thinking of this cute set of place holders from the 40s.20140327-165903.jpg

It was an altogether enjoyable morning and I’m quite sure that I’ll be visiting those two stores again in the near future!!


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Bead photo of the day

Today’s post features a seriously gorgeous Millefiori trade bead from the late 1800s. This one has a rare cobalt blue base and white and yellow canes that really look like flowers. I was lucky enough to obtain this beautiful bead from the collection of Ms. Elizabeth Rieth who collected beads for over 30 years. I’m sure it’ll make a gorgeous piece of jewelry but for now I’m content to marvel at its prettiness!


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A selection of new jewelry

Hello friends, it may not look it (as I write, its snowing yet again!) but spring is upon us! What better time than now to refresh our jewelry wardrobe?  With that in mind, I’d like to share some new pieces that’s sure to brighten up your spring wardrobe!

This first one is in a cool palette of sky blue and pale pink.  The focal bead is very special. It’s a big Murano bead with hand painted gold, pink and white trailings. It dates back to the 60s.  This necklace is a long sautoir style one and comes with a matching pair of earrings.


This second necklace features two beautiful elbow shaped  Venetian trade beads from the late 1800s.  Elbow shaped beads are difficult to find in good condition and these two are in near mint condition.  It features a red and yellow checkerboard pattern and to break it up a little, I decided to put a big vintage red and gold French pate de verre focal bead.  This necklace sits higher up on the neck so its perfect for those button down shirts.


If you prefer to add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe , then this next one is just the thing to wear. It features a delightful vintage dragonfly charm from the 40s and vintage green and brown glass beads from the 50s.


And for all those upcoming weddings and parties, here is my version of the festoon style necklace.  It features a gorgeous filigree charm from the 40s and the little dangling glass pearls are from the late 40s as well.    DSCN4257

Did you notice that two of these necklaces have matching earrings? I quite like making matched sets when I can!


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A (late )Throwback Thursday post


For today’s throwback post, I thought I’d share one of my earliest pieces. It’s a very simple style but the beads are actually ancient rock crystal beads (one of the few ancients that I have) excavated in Nigeria. Here and there are a few glass beads that came in the original raffia strand and I decided to brighten it up a bit by adding these vintage gold long beads.

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The intersection of Fashion and the Automobile

IMG_3917Hello friends, remember my show last February?  I didn’t have much time to go around and check out the other booths. But during a lull, I took a quick look around and what immediately caught my eye was a lady in green with a gorgeous vintage Czech glass necklace and a pretty 1920s hat.  I just had to go up to her.  We got to talking and it turns out that we both share a love for vintage Czech jewelry.  It was so interesting talking to her that I spontaneously asked if I talk to her further, maybe even interview her later on.  Fortunately she agreed.

Lynn is actually part of a trio of ladies who curate Fashion and the Automobile, a touring exhibit that showcases a unique intersection between fashion and the automobile and the changes wrought in them by popular culture. The exhibit is composed of 10 eras with authentic clothes and accessories to reflect each decade.  The automobiles are rendered in fine art paintings, photographs and renderings.

Here are the three ladies decked out in all their finery!


All three ladies share a passion for automobiles. Victoria says that this touring exhibit idea is the fruit of her lifelong fascination with cars and her interest in fashion.  Early on she recalls being brought by her mom to look at cars as they whizzed by.  Elaine, the third member of this talented trio (who left before I could take her picture!), co-owns with her husband over 20 vintage cars!  Lynn supplies the wonderful clothes and jewelry but is herself a lover of cars. She is a proud parent (as she calls herself) of a 1965 Herbie the Love Bug beetle.

What started out as 2 seemingly separate interests for the trio is married beautifully in an exhibit that is rich, varied and interesting.  Automobiles and fashion, as with all other objects, exist within a context of its times and this undeniably influences and changes it.   One example I could cite — when cars started to be more common and women started to drive more, they couldn’t very well get into these cars in those voluminous clothes of the 18th century.  By the time Ford was  mass producing his T-Models, women’s clothes had lost most of their bulky underpinings and waistlines were dropped. I’m sure this was a more comfortable way of tooling about in the T-Model.

From its beginnings in the Anton Art Center, the exhibit is a continuously evolving process for the three ladies.  They are constantly looking for ways to make it more interesting and rich for its audience, which is a growing one.   Now, they have people coming up to them and donating vintage gloves and hats and on one memorable occasion, a beautiful wedding dress from the 30s.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and one senses a palpable love for what they do.  They genuinely want to share the knowledge they’ve accumulated and its amazing how far they will work with grassroots museums all over the state.  They will happily set up the exhibit, give fashion presentations and even do a full on fashion show such as the upcoming Roaring Twenties Fashion Show that will be held on March 30 at the Lorenzo Cultural Center.

Oh and did I mention that there is a book?! Yes, all the years of research is going into a wonderful book that will accompany the exhibit.  That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

I’ve taken the liberty of sharing some photos of previous exhibits in order to show you their work.

Here are two beautiful Victorian gowns on display at the Ford T-Plex Museum, one of their first exhibits.fashionauto2

Lynn and a vintage Packard car from the 1920s at the Packard Proving Grounds car show.fashionauto5

A gorgeous bias cut 1930s gown with a 1934 Chrysler Airflow series car at the Chrysler Museum


And finally, a sweet 50s red roses sweater and skirt set with a vintage Chrysler  also from the 50s.


It was such a blast talking with these ladies!  Oh and I haven’t even talked about the jewelry yet! That’s a whole other post which I can’t wait to share with you all soon!


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Oscar jewels

Hello friends, I trust your weekend went well?  As you may have heard, last night was the Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest night.  While the ceremony was a tad long, it was definitely fun checking out the sparkly dresses and even sparklier jewelry.   There was no shortage of eye candy last night! To start off the week, I thought I’d share my own list of outstanding jewelry.  Photos are courtesy of Vogue and the Guardian.

Most of the stars chose to go the classic route with diamonds with karat figures in the hundreds.

Best actress winner Cate Blanchett’s Armani dress was in a shade only she could pull off but it was her earrings that had me in awe. Now, those are doorknockers!  They were by Chopard and is composed of opals, white gold and of course diamonds.

cate blanchette oscars

Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear her Art Deco 100 karat diamond necklace by Neil Lane over her back. Now, there’s a casual way of wearing your diamonds.  From the front, it looks very simple but its when she turns around that you can see it in its full glory. Not bad, but I was thinking that if she was going to do that, then maybe she should have chosen a longer necklace and that the back of the dress should have shown it more.  I like this idea though. No reason why the back of the dress shouldn’t be as adorned as the front!

Jenniferlawrence oscar


Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts both wore black and dazzling jewelry. Charlize Theron’s necklace by Harry Winston is a cool 15 Million Dollars! I guess she had security people following her around the whole night?


Julia Robert’s choice was more interesting.  Her earrings featured baguette and round cut diamonds and emeralds. Plus she had a fabulous vintage Bulgari bangle from 1955. I loved the bangle!


JuliaRoberts oscar


And finally there was Amy Adams, who was one of the rare stars to go with something other than diamonds. Well, her earrings by Tiffany did have diamonds but it also had some gorgeous Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and even Rhodocrosite.  Her gorgeous ring was a fire opal. I thought it was cool that some other gemstones were on show last night.  Totally proves the point that they could dress up an outfit just as well as diamonds!

Amyadams oscarsAnd so there you have my totally subjective list of outstanding jewelry looks from last night. Which ones were your favorites?