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A Royal Society Spool Cabinet

Vintage sewing cabinetHello friends, I’m very excited with my most recent find! It is a beautiful antique spool cabinet.  And I’m so excited because its just about perfect for storing all my beautiful beads that are currently housed in various boxes.  I’ve long wanted something  like this but haven’t had much luck till now.  In fact, I’ve never seen a spool cabinet before. I’ve only ever seen small sewing boxes.  So you can imagine the little leap of joy I felt when I saw this.

A little research reveals that these cabinets were made for thread companies. It turns out that once the sewing machine was invented in 1844, women could now purchase ready made spools of thread for their own personal use at home.  Before the advent of ready made thread, women would spin their own thread!  The thread companies used the spool cabinets to store various sizes and colors of thread.  The spool cabinets were made with either 5, 10 or 12 drawers and the inside drawers are subdivided into neat compartments to keep the wooden spools neat and tidy.

I tried to find more information about my model which was made by the Royal Society but haven’t turned anything up. But the seller estimates that this one was made early on in the 20th century and was used in a general dry goods store.

Isn’t it funny how things make their way to us? Consider this little cabinet’s voyage so far—from storing spools of thread in a store to storing beads in my home. I would love to know more about its past and history but I can live with just knowing that instead of languishing in some dusty attic or market, it is now once more doing its duty of storing things and keeping order.


3 thoughts on “A Royal Society Spool Cabinet

  1. What a fabulous find!!! 🙂 So many design possibilities!

  2. SO COOL! It’s absolutely perfect!

  3. Hello
    Where did you find this cabinet? Do you know apx. where or when they were made? Do you have any idea of its value. I have one as well and have very little information on it. I was so happy to see this photo today.
    Thank you

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