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A series of new necklaces

Friends, it’s a stormy start to the week. A change from the wonderful weather we had last week. When it’s nice out, it’s hard to sit inside and work but I did get some new pieces finished.

This first piece is a sautoir style necklace composed of lovely French glass beads from the 60s. I love this shade. There’s something very Mediterranean about it. And because it’s a sautoir, this can be worn long or looped twice around the neck. It’s quite a versatile piece.


The second necklace features bright red orange glass beads decorated with gold bead caps. The beads are also from France in the 60s.20140414-093915.jpgI really like the look of rosary style necklaces and this is my not completely asymmetrical take on that.  These beads are a lovely lavender shade and its hard to see through the photo but they are a bit like crackle beads.   These are vintage French glass beads from the 50s,20140414-094203.jpgStill keeping with the lavender color scheme, this necklace features some vintage opaque glass beads with decorative silver tone bead caps.  I have a hard time working with the silver color, whenever I start a piece, my immediate instinct is to use gold (as you can see from the three preceding necklaces!).  There’s something immediately accessible with gold though I’ve had a number of people ask me for pieces in silver. This necklace is one of my few attempts. Its simple but I like how it turned out. This encourages me to try to incorporate more silver colors in my work. Last point,  I love that lavender goes well with silver and gold. 20140414-114606.jpg

Here’s to a good week ahead of us!


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