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A Turning Point Event


Hello friends, today, I thought I’d tell you all about this event I was privileged to attend.

A few months ago, I was invited to participate in the Turning Point Spirit of Leadership event.  I was curious about Turning Point as I had never heard of it.   After some research, I found out that Turning Point is an organization that provides help to victims of physical and sexual abuse. Their services including running an emergency shelter, a 24 hour crisis line, outreach services and a second hand store! What a wonderful group, I thought to myself.  They truly provide a much needed service to the community.  It was wonderful to participate as a vendor and in a small way, support one of their events.   I was even more excited  when I found out that the guest speaker for the event was Wayne County State Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

20140516-105928.jpgIn August 2009, Ms. Worthy discovered some 11,303 untested rape kits while touring a Detroit Police Department property storage warehouse. These kits were never handled or processed and some of the incidents indicated in the kits date back to 30 years ago.  None of the victims ever saw their attackers charged, much less convicted.  It became her mission to track down the victims and to obtain some measure of justice for them.  It is slow going and difficult but she is persevering in her efforts.  Fortunately, there are some positive developments–several men accused in the kits have since been charged and the cases are active in court.

I am in awe of Ms. Worthy.  Here is someone with an almost Herculean task before her but she is unwavering and full of courage and determination.  A truly shining example in this day and age.

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