All About De Petites Merveilles

Hello and welcome! My name is M and I’d like to introduce you to De Petites Merveilles, my universe of bead jewelry.

Making jewelry is about as far from my original training and education as it possibly can be (though understanding contracts and obligations is quite useful when handling the administrative side of the business!) and I never thought I’d end up creating jewelry. But I’ve always loved jewelry and beads were, and still are, fascinating to me because of their long history. Long before making jewelry myself, I found myself enthralled with antique beads and wanting to understand this impulse we all have of adorning ourselves. I started reading obsessively on beads and jewelry traditions. More importantly, I started collecting antique glass beads during my travels – in one instance, in the mountains of the Philippines, in another instance, during a trip to a small town in France to literally, dig for beads and once, I even found some beads while on vacation in a tiny town in Southern Spain.  There are so many stories and history contained in such a tiny object.

Much later, the twists and turns of life led me to a life in Paris with its many wonderful antique and flea markets. It was the perfect setting for collecting the beads that I loved. For years, I scoured these markets and found beautiful, old Venetian and Bohemian beads that made their way into my collection.

From there, it seemed but natural to start making my own jewelry.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you see here. Maybe one of them will come home with you.

For any inquiries or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at