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Add some color to your wardrobe

There are times when a piece comes together like a piece of cake (no pun intended!).   Other times I have to wait awhile before they fall into place.  With this dramatic red and green necklace, I had no trouble putting the faceted red and green beads together.  But then I thought, it needed a little pizzaz. I checked my treasure box of beads and stuff and nothing was calling. So I put it away thinking, it needs to time.

Then I went to a flea market and came across a lady selling fabric and theater costume pieces. DSC04570

And among the pieces of theatrical costume and in a box of bits and bobbins, I found this pendant all by its lonesome self.  It used to be part of what they call bijoux de theatre from the 30s.  These were pieces that actors used on stage and as it was for the stage, they were often big, gaudy and well, theatrical looking.  All by itself though, this pendant was quite lovely with its original green and red glass cabochons still intact after these many years.  Then I had an Aha! moment. This is exactly what that green and red necklace needed!  I took it home and now the piece was complete!DSC04571



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