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One of the nicest things about participating in events and shows is the opportunity to meet really interesting individuals. Today I wanted to tell you about Kari Hughes, who I met at the Turning Point event. She is the co-founder, along with her partner Shanan Bunzendahl, of Buy the Change, a wonderful fair trade group. Kari’s group works with local non profit groups from developing countries to find local women artisans. They then purchase the handmade goods made by these women to sell in the US. Their mission is to enable these women to build better lives for themselves and their families.


Speaking to Kari, you get a wonderful sense of her commitment and zeal towards the goals of her group.  She told me how a simple purchase from us of any of their fair trade goods, enables a woman from a distant land (India, Cambodia and Africa to name just a few), to buy food for her family, gives her an independent means of income and allows her keep her children in school.  And how did she get started on this mission? She wanted to answer the call to action of a wonderful book called Half the Sky.  This is a great example of someone choosing to do something extraordinary.

Their goods ranging from jewelry to accessories and to home products are available on their website. But Kari is also available for home parties and is often at trade shows.

Now, I wanted to show some examples of their products. Keep in mind that there are a lot more in the website.

Handmade jewelry from recycled saris…


Handmade beaded bracelets from Nepal (these are gorgeous, I bought one in pink and violet!)..20140522-092039-33639551.jpg

And finally bags made from recycled materials from Guatemala.20140522-092040-33640494.jpgIf you’re looking to buy something pretty and do some good at the same time, I strongly urge you to check out Buy the Change!

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