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All about the WinterMarkt

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Hello friends, I hope your week is off to a roaring start! Today I thought I’d share with you photos from the WinterMarkt. This is my favorite show to do.   Of course, being an outside show, it has its own challenges but the fun and convivial atmosphere, the terrific help I get each year from the organizers and all the hot cider and wine you can drink makes it a show I look forward to each year!


There are always fun booths to visit and you can stock up on all things Christmas.


I have a weakness for sweet treats and there was certainly no shortage of that at the fair and I have to physically restrain myself from partaking gluttonously. These chocolate truffles for example from Pete’s Chocolates were excellent!


And these delicious mini donuts from Detroit Mini Donuts? Irresistible. And I for one, wasn’t about to say no to them.

But lest you think it was all food and wine, we were lucky to have great entertainment the whole weekend.  The organizers found great singers from choirs of angelic sounding children to musicians who played inspiring Christmas music.


As for me, I tried some new displays this year and I’m happy to say that it worked out quite well! Check out my new frames…



We even had the full moon at the end of the weekend!


As always a great show and one I’m looking forward to doing again in 2015!

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Show recap

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Hello friends, today I thought I’d share a recap of a show I did recently. Its been awhile since I did a show so I was both apprehensive and excited. Its always nerve racking to show your wares to the public but I was at the same time excited to see all the wonderful crafts on display.

I need not have worried so much. Set up proceeded smoothly and contrary to my worries, I hadn’t forgotten anything crucial. It was quite a busy show and it was nice to interact with people. Working from home can be quite isolating and its always refreshing to meet people and have some live feedback.


Being along however doesn’t allow me much time to go around and admire the other stands. During a short lull, I took a short look around and while I couldn’t take a lot of pictures, these two stands quickly caught my eye…

The first stand featured hand carved bird houses and bird feeders using local trees.



They were really pretty and were clearly hours of patient work on the part of the artist. I can imagine a few lucky birds living in these houses.

The second stand which caught my eye featured some handmade signs with quirky and funny sayings. There must have been one sign that caught everyone’s eye because people would stop and look and laugh hysterically at one of her signs. Curious I took a look and realized why people were laughing…


This, my friends, is why its always fun to do a show!

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Looking back

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Hello friends, for this Throwback Thursday post, I wanted to talk about one of the first shows I ever did.  This isn’t the first show I ever did because I didn’t even think to take pictures during that first show! This show was the second one I ever did and it was during the Salon du Vintage in Paris. I’ve always loved this Salon which brings together a big number of vintage sellers from all over Europe. That particular year, I thought to give it a try and to my surprise was able to get in. As you can imagine, I was super excited! It was such a major undertaking.  And so I set off the day of the show to set up only to realize how little prepared I really was.

I had at this point, bought my own table, instead of renting it like the first time (where the table rental cost me an arm and a leg) but in terms of display materials, everything was a hodge podge of various materials and colors. And as I didn’t have enough jewelry display stands, I just laid out all the necklaces on the table, which fortunately, at least had a table cloth!  It just looked so cobbled together and amateurish. The one thing that I did do right was to have an explanation of what the jewelry was about! Despite such an unpolished look, people seemed to like the jewelry I was doing. I’m proud to say that I did pretty well that weekend! Looking back now, I realize how lucky I was that day!

Its taken a lot of thinking and doing other shows and playing around with the stand to finally have a pretty and coherent looking booth stand.  The process of putting together my stand is a much faster and less stressful process since I now know what to do.  Knowing what to do with the physical space also allows me to think more about other aspects of the show such as more harmonious pairings and color groupings of the jewelry to better to present my work to the public.  Here is how my stand looks now..


When I look at these two pictures now, I realize how far I’ve come since I started this adventure.  They are tangible proof of my progress.  And it encourages me to continue growing and doing better than ever!


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Show recap

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Hello friends! I’m happy to report that my first show for 2014 went extremely well.  I have to confess that getting up that morning was a bit hard. Its been awhile since the last show and it took some time for me to get moving. But once I arrived and started to see all the beautiful things, I got all excited.  As a concession to Valentines Day, I decided that my stand could do with a touch of red and pink.

DSCN4237 DSCN4244

It was my first time to do an all jewelry show and I was uncertain how it would turn out. Fortunately, it proved something I’ve always thought which is that there’s jewelry for everyone’s taste.   So long as it was beautifully made, there’s someone with a taste for the different artists creations.  And there certainly was all manner and kind of jewelry at the show —-from polymer clay bead jewelry from Woodland Caravan to Victorian inspired baubles from Victorian Rose Boutique, to repurposed vintage jewelry from Calendar Girl, who it must be said also makes fantastically ornamented frames, bags and jewelry boxes! It was a blast being surrounded by beautiful things and hanging out with such talented people.

And while it was mostly jewelry, I have to tell you about one lady who was there with something else entirely.  Bird Brain Accessories by Jesska Christie is a line of whimsical and pretty hair accessories featuring birds and flowers.  I’m sure that wearing one of her creations will brighten up any dull day of the week!



All in all, a great start to the 2014 show season!!

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After the Winter Markt

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Well friends, I’m happy to report that the Winter Markt was a great success!! Despite the freezing conditions, lots of people came out to enjoy the variety of interesting things for sale as well as the different activities.
This show was my first outdoor event and it certainly had some challenges. I had to think about how to make my space an inviting and attractive one to shoppers and since the light fades quickly during these cold months, I had to make sure there were adequate lights for the jewelry to show. All in all I was happy with how it turned out and from talking to the other crafters, I have some ideas for future outdoor shows.
As always, I met some wonderful crafters. Lisa of Nellie’s natural goat milk soap makes each and every one of her soaps from the milk of goats they raise on their own farm. Their soaps are made purely from milk and essential oils and I can tell you that their booth smelled heavenly. When I asked her how she got started, she told me it was because she wanted soap without dyes or sulfates so her husband gave her a goat for their wedding anniversary! Isn’t that something? Check out the fireplace in their booth. Oh and they’re experts too when it comes to dealing with the cold. I feel like I can now survive in the wilderness thanks to their advice!


Ron Nolan of Nolan’s Hardwood Toys was my other favorite crafter. He hand carves every single one of his delightful toys and has been doing so for the past 32 years. His toys are the sort that can be passed from one generation to another. I couldn’t resist buying a couple as gifts!


When I had a bit of time, I had to go check out the reindeer who came out to visit the Markt. I had never been so close to one before. Impressive antlers huh?
Interesting fact about reindeer– their natural enemy is the wolf and they look at all dogs, even littlest ones, as a wolf!


The kids has fun riding the horse drawn carriage too!


All in all an unforgettable show!

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Preparing for the Winter Markt

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Hello friends, today I thought I’d show you some snapshots of what I’m preparing for the upcoming Winter Markt …

A clutch of beautiful violet foil glass beads


Some irresistible wedding cake beads… I think I’m going to make a demi- parure out of these beauties …


And I’m almost done with the trade beads from yesterday. Just matter of small adjustments here and there…


Exciting times ahead!!

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Winter Markt

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Hello friends, I’m very excited to announce our biggest market yet—the Birmingham Winter Markt this coming weekend– from the 6th to the 8th of December. This is a wonderful European style holiday market that has something for the whole family. There will be a range of carefully selected handmade goods for the discriminating shoppers, horse drawn carriage rides and caroling by different group, to name just a few of the things going in at the Markt.
I’m busy preparing loads of gorgeous new jewelry that will make the perfect gifts for the special people in your life!
For the complete list of events and details of the Markt, please consult the site.
Hope to see you all there!!!

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Craft show preparations

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Apologies friends for the silence but I’ve been busy preparing for the Royal Oak Arts and Craft Holiday Fair. This is going to be a huge show with a wide selection of handmade gifts. Since we are getting close to the holidays, I’ve been preparing lots of pretty things that would make perfect presents under the tree. Hope to see you there !!


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Craft show finds

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One of the nicest things about doing craft shows is meeting so many talented and creative individuals. I’ve never been to a show where I didn’t meet anyone that I thought was really cool. I thought it’d be nice to feature them here in the blog so that you dear friends, could meet them too.
Just this weekend, I met two people whose works are crafty, creative and just plain cool.

Jamie of skoolsnaps
makes great gift items from school themed alphabet photography. I don’t know about you but it’s hard to find the right gift for teachers. And I think these would make such nice presents for them. As I sit and write this, I’m thinking they’d make nice presents for people you normally have a hard time giving gifts to since they’re customizable. Oh and if you do meet Jamie, ask her to tell you the story of her vintage luggage!


Scott of fatcatimages on the other hand, features Lego figures in his photos. Yes, you read that right–Lego figures and he makes amazing photo scenes with them. They’re funny and playful and one of them is really sweet and tender. You have to check out his site to see what I mean as I’m not sure my pictures convey their whimsical charm.


I can’t wait to meet other people in the next craft shows!


Crafting with Grace show recap

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When I opened the door to go out to the craft show at Ann Arbor last Saturday, I was greeted by sheets of pouring rain. I tell you, driving in the pouring rain is no fun. I had a moment of apprehension when I realized that I had missed a crucial turn because of the rain. Fortunately I was able to make my way and I arrived safely albeit a bit late to set up for the show. I had barely finished when the first group of shoppers arrived!
I really appreciated the show organizers efforts to help the crafters. It’s so rare that there are people to help you unload your things and even more rare to be offered water, juice and snacks during the day. All this plus everyone was really nice! This certainly helped me during the day!
When I had a calm moment, I took a quick look around and as always I found interesting individuals.
One lady actually brought her own bobbin so she could work on her hand spun yarn. I’ve never actually seen yarn being spun before and it was a treat to see an expert. Her yarn was so smooth, I’m sure knitters would have a great time using it to make beautiful things!

Here is a sample of her yarn

Another crafter blows her own glass to make ornaments, vases and glasses. Aren’t they pretty Christmas ornaments? You can find more of her work through her website

Another stand I found completely lovely was by a lady who creates new things with rescued and found objects. She paints and makes collages to tell a story out of old things. Her things were whimsical and utterly lovely. To see more of her work, visit her etsy shop SimplyJoyToo.


Perhaps the stand that surprised me the most was this one. I thought they were children’s clothes but they are actually doggie clothes!



Preparing for Ann Arbor

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Hello friends, hope your week is off to a great start! I’m hard at work preparing for a big show on Saturday at Ann Arbor. Im super excited to join their roster of carefully selected artists and I can’t wait to unveil all my pieces!


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