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Almost wordless Wednesday

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Despite the complete absence of a green thumb in our family, the flowers in our garden seem to be thriving.

I love how the roses have climbed all over the fence and


I think these little daisies have such cheerful faces.



Sweet treat Saturday

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sweet treat


I can’t resist sweet treats. And these cupcakes (lemon and carrot cake) really hit the spot. What are your favorite sweet treats? I’d love to hear..

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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My favorite apps

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Used to be that I had a trusty old phone that (mostly) worked which meant it called and texted people when I wanted to.  Bonus, it even had my emails on! Why did I need to load it up with all the fancy thingamajigs called apps? To be honest, I didn’t even know what they were.

A move to the other side of the Atlantic necessitated a change in phones. My seemingly trusty phone was just not going to cut it.  And I admit, I got sort of sales talked into getting the Iphone. And voila, I was thrown into the world of apps. The sales assistant who was almost comically disbelieving about my absolute lack of interest in apps, explained to me that these were just “features you added to your phone in order to utilize the phone’s capacity to the max”. I kid you not. I thought we were using the phone’s capacity when we called and sent messages, but apparently it was not enough.

So, what did I do? I loaded it up with usual social media applications which I’m sure we’re all familiar with. Then as I went on, I added a few more which it turns out, were completely essential. So I don’t have favorites but I do have what I think are essentials.

weather app

Precisely because its not always this kind of weather where I live, that I need the weather app!  Bonus, you can add other countries so you can keep track and not feel too bad for yourself when its still 9 degrees in Paris, in June!!

flashlight appBecause I never know if I’m going to be stuck somewhere dark and I’ll need a flashlight. Plus I have the impression to be like Indiana Jones, if I’ve at least got a flashlight handy on me. Downsize is that it eats the battery up so if they could invent an app to prolong the phone battery, that would be something I could add to my powerhouse lineup of apps!



appriva pay app

And last but certainly not the least, the Appriva Pay app. This folks is my absolute favorite app.  What it does is turns your phone into a mobile payment solution system. In other words, people can buy from you with their credit cards anywhere you are and you just whip out your phone and the sale is on.  I don’t have an actual store (yet) where I sell my jewelry and at every fair I’ve done, its always been the traditional way of payment.  There have been a number of times when people couldn’t buy from me because they had only their credit cards.  This little app has changed the way I do business.  Immensely. And what boggles my mind is that its all in my phone.


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