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First show of the year

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Hello friends!

The start of the year is always very quiet for me. Usually, this is time when I take stock of things, plan what shows to do for the year and other administrative tasks that are essential to the business.

This year however, I had the opportunity to participate in a show organized by the wonderful folks of Pot and Box at no less than the iconic Fisher Building.

The Fisher Building which was designed in an Art Deco style was completed in 1928 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989. How could I pass up the chance to be in such a prestigious building?

I have to admit I was a bit worried because the weekend of the show was also the weekend when we were hit with another winter storm.

But storm or not, we were all there bright and early to welcome the crowd that came through those Art Deco doors.

After I finished setting up, I went for a look around and was blown away by the talent shown by the wonderful participating vendors.

Immediately, i was wowed by Project Projections, who laser cuts these beautiful shadow lamps. I loved it so much, I took home his constellation lamp!

Then there was Owen and Abbey with their simple yet beautifully crafted home furnishings and tables made from wood salvaged from abandoned homes in Detroit, Pontiac and other urban areas. Their work is proof that beauty can be found and made everywhere.

I really liked the aesthetics of Corbé

with its smooth handmade curves and a color palette designed to go with everything.

And I loved meeting Corliss from The Lowry Estate. She had funky vintage pieces at prices that won’t break the bank. Just check out the coat she had.

All in all a fantastic show!

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Shop small business

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Hello friends,

Apparently today is Cyber Monday, which means it’s deals galore all over the internet. The good thing about shopping online is we are able to support a number of businesses, including those which don’t as yet have, brick and mortar stores, myself included.

But I love brick and mortar stores. Call it old fashioned but there’s nothing like walking inside a store and finding just the right thing. Bonus, if you make friends along with way with the people in the store.

With that in mind as well as the idea of

shopping from small businesses, a friend and I set out to do our version of a pop up store.

Our “store” looked out onto this view…

It’s a pretty good view don’t you think? It certainly didn’t feel like work whenever we looked out.

Shy vs Bold, my partner in this pop up is a purveyor of wonderfully distinctive clothes and accessories. It began with a desire to offer something different from what we find in stores. And now carries a host of pretty dresses, cool jackets and funky accessories. If you want to stand out, Shy vs Bold is the way to go!

Then there’s me with my one of a kind antique charms and storied beads. I will never tire of making these pieces with a little bit of me and a whole lot of history.

What a blast we all had! But the best part was seeing our friends leave supremely happy and content with their purchases. As one friend put it “ I feel like a model after this afternoon”

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Maker and Muse (Part 1)

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Over the weekend, I had the immense pleasure to view Maker and Muse, the new exhibit on Women and Early 20th Century Art Jewelry at the Richard Driehaus Museum.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was.  The words sumptuous and gorgeous, among many superlatives come to mind when trying to describe the 250 pieces of Art jewelry that is on display.  The exhibit is spread out over 5 rooms in the museum (which by the way, merits a separate visit) and is divided into 5 themes–British Arts and Crafts, American Art Jewelry represented by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Jewelry as Art in Germany and Austria represented by the Jugendstil movement, French Art Nouveau and Chicago Arts and Crafts Jewelry.  These different movements were unified in their rejection of  industrialization and their desire to return to the artisan and the handmade.  More importantly, they made extensive use of materials like silver, semi-precious stones and enamel that were previously considered not good enough for fine jewelry.

The exhibit is particularly resonant for me because it celebrates the work of some of the first women to work in the field of jewelry.  Prior to the early 20th century, making jewelry wasn’t considered proper work for women.  It took a significant cultural shift before it became acceptable for women to work in this field. As a jewelry designer, I owe a great deal to these pioneers.

Fortunately for us, the Museum allows photos to be taken as long as it is without flash so I can share with you some of the highlights.  The exhibit will run until 2016 so if you have the chance, to see it, I highly recommend that you do so, you will not regret it.

Here now are some of the pieces on display. As this is a picture heavy post, please read on after the page break…


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A Turning Point Event

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Hello friends, today, I thought I’d tell you all about this event I was privileged to attend.

A few months ago, I was invited to participate in the Turning Point Spirit of Leadership event.  I was curious about Turning Point as I had never heard of it.   After some research, I found out that Turning Point is an organization that provides help to victims of physical and sexual abuse. Their services including running an emergency shelter, a 24 hour crisis line, outreach services and a second hand store! What a wonderful group, I thought to myself.  They truly provide a much needed service to the community.  It was wonderful to participate as a vendor and in a small way, support one of their events.   I was even more excited  when I found out that the guest speaker for the event was Wayne County State Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

20140516-105928.jpgIn August 2009, Ms. Worthy discovered some 11,303 untested rape kits while touring a Detroit Police Department property storage warehouse. These kits were never handled or processed and some of the incidents indicated in the kits date back to 30 years ago.  None of the victims ever saw their attackers charged, much less convicted.  It became her mission to track down the victims and to obtain some measure of justice for them.  It is slow going and difficult but she is persevering in her efforts.  Fortunately, there are some positive developments–several men accused in the kits have since been charged and the cases are active in court.

I am in awe of Ms. Worthy.  Here is someone with an almost Herculean task before her but she is unwavering and full of courage and determination.  A truly shining example in this day and age.

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Show recap

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Hello friends! I’m happy to report that my first show for 2014 went extremely well.  I have to confess that getting up that morning was a bit hard. Its been awhile since the last show and it took some time for me to get moving. But once I arrived and started to see all the beautiful things, I got all excited.  As a concession to Valentines Day, I decided that my stand could do with a touch of red and pink.

DSCN4237 DSCN4244

It was my first time to do an all jewelry show and I was uncertain how it would turn out. Fortunately, it proved something I’ve always thought which is that there’s jewelry for everyone’s taste.   So long as it was beautifully made, there’s someone with a taste for the different artists creations.  And there certainly was all manner and kind of jewelry at the show —-from polymer clay bead jewelry from Woodland Caravan to Victorian inspired baubles from Victorian Rose Boutique, to repurposed vintage jewelry from Calendar Girl, who it must be said also makes fantastically ornamented frames, bags and jewelry boxes! It was a blast being surrounded by beautiful things and hanging out with such talented people.

And while it was mostly jewelry, I have to tell you about one lady who was there with something else entirely.  Bird Brain Accessories by Jesska Christie is a line of whimsical and pretty hair accessories featuring birds and flowers.  I’m sure that wearing one of her creations will brighten up any dull day of the week!



All in all, a great start to the 2014 show season!!

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Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day dear friends! It’s that (dreaded, for some) time of the year when love is on everyone’s mind. And while it might be argued that this is a purely commercial holiday, it doesn’t hurt to remember all those we love and to let them know in some small way that we hold them close to our hearts.


And if you or a loved one are looking for a special bauble, don’t forget to come see me at the Vintage Jewelry sale tomorrow!!! I’m very excited and hope
to see many of you there!

And because it’s Valentines and a Friday to boot, I couldn’t resist sharing this list of the 50 most romantic movies .

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Upcoming sale

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Birmingham jewelry sale


The start of the year is always a bit quieter than the rest of the year.  I suppose its because everyone needs a bit of time to recover after all the holiday parties and festivities. I usually take this time to think about the new collection and what shows I want to do for the coming year.

This year I have a unique opportunity to participate in a post Valentines Day show. It will be my first time to do a show so early in the year and right after Valentine’s Day too!  This time around its an all jewelry show so I’m quite excited to show the first pieces from the new collection as well as see what everybody else is bringing. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a bauble or two to chase away the winter blues.  I think we all need something pretty as winter is clearly having a blast with us this year!

Hope to see you all there!

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Winter Markt

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Hello friends, I’m very excited to announce our biggest market yet—the Birmingham Winter Markt this coming weekend– from the 6th to the 8th of December. This is a wonderful European style holiday market that has something for the whole family. There will be a range of carefully selected handmade goods for the discriminating shoppers, horse drawn carriage rides and caroling by different group, to name just a few of the things going in at the Markt.
I’m busy preparing loads of gorgeous new jewelry that will make the perfect gifts for the special people in your life!
For the complete list of events and details of the Markt, please consult the site.
Hope to see you all there!!!

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Show recap

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Hello friends, today I thought I’d do a recap of the craft show last weekend. I set out early and was promptly surprised by the heavy fog that covered everything. It was quite scary, I breathed more freely when I reached the show grounds. Luckily the fog lifted and it turned out to be a magnificent day!
I had barely finished my stand when the first shoppers arrived and we were off! For once I had a big stand so I had 2 tables instead of only one. It was nice to be able to spread out more than usual. Looking at it now makes me realize how much I love my vintage frames!



As always there were so many interesting booths with handmade items and various crafts. A number of them were devoted holiday themed decorations including these Pilgrim dolls for Thanksgiving. I guess it’s not too early to start decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

My favorite booth was the one with little glass vases that you can hang on your window or door. Aren’t they pretty?



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Sneak peek

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Kicking of the season with a big craft fair this Saturday and Sunday over at the Clarkston HS craft show! Can’t wait !!

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Little Shoppe Market at Northville Square: August Edition

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Hello friends, hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a busy, tiring and funny one at the Little Shoppe Market at the Northville Square.   Participating in fairs allows me to interact with people, as opposed sitting solitarily in front of my table and I love the whole process of meeting other crafters and artists.  Of course, its also lets me tell more people about the jewelry I make. We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and lots of people were out and about enjoying the weather and all the goodies on hand.

I quickly set up, starting with the earrings (here are a few of them)


then proceeded to lay out the necklaces (these three are part of the Trade Bead Collection) in my beloved vintage frames, like so…IMG_0996

finishing quickly so I can say hi to everyone else.

I really enjoyed meeting Debbie of Mother and Daughter Crafts. She makes gorgeous hand painted stained glass solar jars.  Debbie paints each jar meticulously in various colors and designs and when she showed me how beautifully they glowed, I just had to bring one home after the show!


Amanda and Rachael of Joyful Soy are two sisters who make soy based candles with delicious scents and IMG_1001

pretty etched glasses like these.  Wouldn’t these make such great wedding favors for guests? IMG_1002

Of course, the market wouldn’t be complete without Dave and Elaine of Creative Notions and their fantastic Himalayan Salt lamps.  Don’t they have the prettiest glow? And they have all sorts of health benefits too!!IMG_0991

I would’ve liked to chat with everyone else but I couldn’t leave my table unattended very long.

It was a great weekend! And now its back to work for me!


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A new event

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DPM Collage 5Hello friends, hope your week is off to a good start!

I have to start this post with an apology for last week’s abrupt silence.  Unfortunately technical difficulties prevented me from blogging and I was sorry not to be able to complete the week.  Everything has been resolved and I’m glad to be back.

And I’m back with some great news!  I’m happy to announce that I am taking part in the Buy Michigan Festival at Northville this weekend! Starting on Friday (Aug 2 from 10 to 7 ) until Sunday (Aug 4 from 10 to 6 pm) I will be inside Northville Square in downtown Northville to take part in a festival that honors local businesses.  I am bringing lots of beautiful new pieces and I am very excited to take part in this wonderful event!

So spread the word and hope to see you all there!


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Warren Art Fair recap

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Warren outside shotHello friends, how was your weekend? I spent mine at the Warren Art Fair in the Park and I’m happy to report that it was really great!  There was a sizable crowd of people genuinely interested in all the artwork and beautiful handmade items that were on display.  There was a wonderful group of artists and designers with their photographs and paintings, beautiful blown glass ornaments and jewelry of course.

warren paintings

I really liked that the fair was very much a community event. Local residents turned up to support the artists and this extended to the theater group that is putting on Shrek the Musical at the local theater. As a special treat, some cast members sang some of their songs and you can feel their pride and palpable excitement at performing!Warren shrek

So much to look at but as I was alone, it was hard to spend time at other booths. I did manage to get a shot of this great repurposed table from the very talented duo behind RetroReimaginings. I love their philosophy of giving a new life to otherwise forgotten objects! warren-jennifer johnson2

And here are a few photos of my booth display..Warren Booth shot

Warren earrings

Warren Booth shot 2

What a wonderful weekend it truly was! I’m already looking forward to next year’s fair!


Warren Art in the Park 2013

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DPMcollage4Hello friends, hope you all had a good weekend and are now ready for another week!

This week, I’m happy to announce that I will be at the annual Warren Art in the Park on July 13 and 14, 2013. This is a juried fine art and craft fair and I’m very excited to be part of their select roster of painters, sculptors, designers and photographers.

Spread the word friends and hope to see you there!!


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Our first Northville Market

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Hello friends, over the weekend I was over at Northville for my first summer event with the Little Shoppe Market. I was all excited as its been awhile since I was at an event. Then the weather decided to be capricious. Friday, our first day was totally rained out. We were fortunate to be inside as the torrential rains were impressive. I’m happy to report that the next days were much better.

Honestly, it wasn’t quite what I expected though to be fair, I’d never done an event in the US before.  Up until now, I’d been dealing with a mostly French crowd, notwithstanding a few foreigners here and there. The crowd was certainly different from what I’m used to and I have to adjust to this if I’m going to continue doing shows.

That said, what I found truly nice was the spirit of camaraderie that was present among those in the fair. Its not easy to be out there in front of people with your work. Like it or not, these pieces represent something of yourself and it can be nerve wracking to be in front of a public. Everything is less difficult when you’re with fun and easygoing people in a show. And I can’t tell you how nice it was to find here, as in France, kind and encouraging people.  Special thanks to Annie of MiniMocs and Elaine of Creative Notions Limited!

Now, I want to share with you some pictures I took during the show…

These beautiful Petites Merveilles earrings found themselves a lovely new owner.

black and white earrings

Gorgeous handmade wreaths and decorations from Detroit Reincarnated. This would definitely brighten up your wall if you had it hanging up!

handmade wreath 1Cute handmade muffs for your booties from Mitten Made. Don’t you think this is a clever way of updating your wardrobe?botties muffs

And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this carouselwhich is just a fantabulous glass carousel made by Keltic Fyre and I loved it. Don’t you think its aptly called Fantastic Carousel of Dreams?

Here’s to the next big event coming up!! Keep reading this space for more details!


Exciting Summer Events

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Hello friends, today I wanted to share some exciting news. We’ve got events lined up for the summer and the first one starts this weekend!

As I don’t have a brick and mortar store, craft fairs are a great opportunity for me to meet lots of lovely people.  I like the freedom and independence that working from home gives me but sometimes it gets pretty lonesome just sitting in front of my computer. Its refreshing to meet and chat with people.  I love to tell stories about my beads and I love it even more when people share their own bead stories.

So I’m excited to tell you that I will be at Northville Square, Northville Michigan this weekend the 28th (10-7pm),29th(10-8pm) and 30th(12-4pm) of June and again on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of August (but more on that later).

Here is a small sampling of the bijoux I will be bringing…

DPM collage3

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Have you ever done a Blog-a-thon?

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One of the most challenging things about setting up somewhere else is that so much is different and you are so out of your comfort zone.   It takes awhile to get going.  But as with change, challenges are also opportunities. And they can be golden if one has the courage to do it.

So what am I getting at? I’ve just discovered a concept, totally unknown to me before. Are you ready for it…drumroll please…a BLOG-A-THON!  I was surfing and came across a site devoted to independent writers dealing with the digital media.  Word Count is a site run by Michelle Rafter, a reporter, editor and blogger (to quote her site) and its a great resource for writers, including bloggers.  I’m just discovering all the great articles but I’m most excited bout the Blog-a-thon.



Basically it challenges bloggers to write a post everyday for a month. And it starts in June. Now I’ve never (yet) managed to blog 7 days a week.  And as I look back at my previous posts, I realize that I’ve sometimes let days, even weeks go by without nary a word. (This week is slightly different as I’ve been pretty chatty lately.) But I like the idea of challenging myself to sit down and write every day.  Not long ones mind you, but a thought or line everyday to you my friends and readers.

What’s holding me back?  Mostly fear that I won’t be able to do it. I don’t want to start something and not finish it. But the more I think of it, the more I like this idea of a blogathon.

What do you think? Should I go for it? I sure would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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Grand Opening

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Hello friends, tomorrow is the big day! Grand opening of Noel de Createurs, Pop Up store of original and independent designers and artists in the Marais.  Here’s a sneak peak of De Petites Merveilles’ new collection. Enjoy!

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A sneak peek

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Only three days to go before the grand opening of Noel de Createurs, the Christmas Pop-Up Store  of independent designers and artists in the Marais!  Friends, I’m very happy and proud to invite you all to this pop-up store as it promises to showcase the best of a selected group of designers and artists, yours truly included, who proudly hand make their products! There will be jewelry, clothes, little gifts and children’s items.  I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends here!  De Petites Merveilles will be at the pop up store all the weekends of December (the 1/2, 8/9, 15/16,22-24 and the 27-29).

Please come and visit us at 15 rue des ecouffes, 75004 in the Marais starting from the 1st of December.  For more details, please check out the Facebook event page

See you there!!



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