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A new direction

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Due to a recent major change in my life, all my beautiful beads are still carefully packed away like the treasures that they are and I’m in a waiting sort of mood. But waiting for what? For better weather? For inspiration to strike? Maybe I’m just waiting for time to sit and find a quietness to create something magical.   To be honest, I love the process of creating my pieces but I’ve been so struck with the newness of everything and of the idea of having to start from scratch in a new place.  Good or bad,  a major change is a chance to stop and reflect, evaluate and take stock.

With the arrival of spring, it seems that I’ve taken the first baby steps in evolving my process of creation. A sort of evolution for De Petites Merveilles, if you will.  See the bangle in the picture? Its a simple copper bangle but friends, I made it all myself.  The process is all new and I had help, of course, but I cut the raw copper, used a torch on it to create a circle and then hammered it to the shape it is now and to give it texture.  Its a simple piece (and the picture doesn’t quite do it justice) but it representative of a new direction I’d like to take. I love the idea of working the raw material and I’m excited about the many possibilities it offers. I can’t wait to see how these new pieces will work with my beautiful antique beads.

And I can’t wait to share them with you.




Something new

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DSCN3494There have been some major changes lately chez nous hence the long silence.  Thank you for bearing with me.

There’s still a lot of work ahead but I did want to share a photo of one of my newest ones.  This dramatic bracelet is composed of square faceted glass beads from the 30s. I find it funny to call them beads as I’m so accustomed to round ones but here are some beautiful exceptions to the rule. They were from an old French store that used to supply couture houses.  The store closed and the stock was snapped up by different folks till some of them ended up in my hands. I couldn’t resist them and they are even more beautiful in person!


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Something red

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Unlike the days leading up to Christmas, the winter chill in January seems particularly keen and biting.  Copious amounts of hot chocolate notwithstanding, I’m trying to keep my spirits up by dreaming up and creating pretty things for Valentine’s Day. Yes, that day especially beloved by Hallmark.  I won’t get into too much detail now since we are still a bit ways off, but if you are thinking of something pretty to treat yourself (who says we have to wait for someone else to give us presents?), here’s a little teaser….


A beautiful necklace composed of rare elbow shaped Venetian beads from Ercole Moretti (more on them later!) and red and yellow faceted French beads from the 50s. DSCN0473Something pretty to wear during this wintry period of the year!




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A certain pearl

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The world's biggest pearl used in a piece of jewelry

I love looking at jewelry wherever I may find them. Often, churches are a great source for beautiful and ostentatious jewelry. Just look at this crown. And if the fact that it is made entirely of 18 carat gold, is not enough bling, just look at all the rubies, emeralds and sapphires that have been added to it. And the highlight of this crown? Its the pearl carved into the form of the baby Jesus. Its the world’s biggest pearl ever used in a piece of jewelry! Such lavishness is of course not meant for a mere mortal, no matter how high his rank. No, this crown is reserved only for the Mary, the mother of God. Us mortals can be content with simply admiring it from behind its glass case in the magnificent Cathedral of Seville.

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Grand Opening

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Hello friends, tomorrow is the big day! Grand opening of Noel de Createurs, Pop Up store of original and independent designers and artists in the Marais.  Here’s a sneak peak of De Petites Merveilles’ new collection. Enjoy!

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A sneak peek

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Only three days to go before the grand opening of Noel de Createurs, the Christmas Pop-Up Store  of independent designers and artists in the Marais!  Friends, I’m very happy and proud to invite you all to this pop-up store as it promises to showcase the best of a selected group of designers and artists, yours truly included, who proudly hand make their products! There will be jewelry, clothes, little gifts and children’s items.  I’m sure you’ll find the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends here!  De Petites Merveilles will be at the pop up store all the weekends of December (the 1/2, 8/9, 15/16,22-24 and the 27-29).

Please come and visit us at 15 rue des ecouffes, 75004 in the Marais starting from the 1st of December.  For more details, please check out the Facebook event page

See you there!!



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Birthday beads

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I opened up my gift and was overjoyed with what I saw! This is a gorgeous and original necklace of  pinched Venetian beads from the 40s/50s.  They have aventurine swirls and the murrine canes that were used to create the bead form part of the designs. It even has that rare pinkish white color that I just love! This one is a keeper.

I have come across these kinds of beads once before but they were loose ones and I could only make this….with them

Gorgeous aren’t they?

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