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Finally, an unveiling

20140806-115645-43005231.jpgHello friends, after a long silence, I’m finally back! Its taken awhile but here we are, ready to unveil the all new look of De Petites Merveilles.  I’m so happy to be able to share with you all, the fruits of weeks of work on the new logo and look of the site.   This is a step that I’ve long wanted to take but it’s only now that things finally came into place.  The process of working on the site has forced me to sit down and really articulate my vision of De Petites Merveiles. While, I’ve always had a fairly firm idea of what we are about,  the challenge  was how to convey the idea in a cohesive image or look, if you will. It is my hope that the new look conveys in the best possible way what we are all about.

One other thing I’m really proud to present is the shop section. Yes, there is now a shop section, complete with shopping cart and all, where people can purchase all the lovely pieces that were previously available only through art fairs and craft shows.  Woohoo!! I invite you to check it out. Keep in mind that I have a lot more that I will be adding continuously in the days to come.

To be sure, the process is an on-going one. There are a number of things that need to still be tweaked or improved and I want to ask your patience as I continue to work on things.  However, stay and look around. Enjoy the all new De Petites Merveilles!!!

4 thoughts on “Finally, an unveiling

  1. Congratulations, the site is fabulous!! Hooray for the shop section! Your pieces are awesome! Love seeing lots of them together. Such eyecandy.

  2. These pieces look fabulous. Very refined and tasteful work. Would definitely enhance and magnify the natural beauty of the woman who would wear them.

  3. Gorge pieces!!

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

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