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Finds from the Midlands Antique Show

guild painting

Yesterday I talked about visiting the Midlands Antique Fair and my search for a work table. Unfortunately I didn’t find a table but I didn’t come home empty-handed. I found myself purchasing some vintage frames. One is this really pretty pastel water-color from the 1930s.  There is something so delicate about this one and I love how girly it is-the pretty pink dress, the handsome prince on the white horse. It might be a tad too retro since  women have come a long way from the days of princes on white horses but that hasn’t stopped me from liking this painting nonetheless.

la mode illustree

My other find consisted of two framed  La Mode Illustree fashion plate engravings.  La Mode Illustree was a fashion magazine that ran in the late 1900s and they featured the very latest in Victorian fashion and accessories. Each issue came with a fashion plate.  I’ve long wanted something like this but I’ve always put off buying them. This time it seemed like the good time to buy them.

I especially like this one below.  I love how the seated woman in blue has an air of purposeful calm while the other gazes straight back at the viewer.  I like that they are wearing embroidered dresses and one seems to be working on a hat.  La Mode Ilustree became very popular  because it provided women with patterns they could use to make their own clothes.  They featured the very latest in fashion from Paris.  Women may have come a long way from those times but these magazines still provide us with a look into the latest fashions. Like it or not we still look at them to be inspired and to get ideas about what to wear. anais toudouze

Funnily enough this one is signed by Anais Toudouze who was one of the leading illustrators of the magazine. I have no idea the actual age  or value of my engravings.  I would say that they are framed reproductions from the 50s of the original 19th century engravings. But what if its an original?

2 thoughts on “Finds from the Midlands Antique Show

  1. wonderful finds!!! and I know what you mean about purchases that have been quite a while coming – but when the time is right and perfect, that makes the purchase much more special.

  2. I have this exact print that was my Mother’s! She had the other print as well but it had been damaged at some point and she threw it away!! I always loved these prints and have the one hanging in my bedroom. I would love to find a couple of smaller prints to hang with the one. Mine isn’t signed so you may have a great find there!!!

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