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Hello friends, its been a bit quiet here on the blog but I couldn’t let Friday go without a word.

One of the blogs I really take pleasure in reading is Design Mom.  Gabrielle Blair writes with disarming candor about a lot of difficult subjects.  Its rare to find someone who writes with such passionate honesty and that’s what keeps me reading her.  A subject that came up recently on the blog was the Twitter hashtag #yesallwomen.  This is an increasingly popular Twitter hashtag and social media campaign wherein users share examples and/or stories about misogyny and violence against women.  Gaby’s post shared her own examples and the discussion that they had as a family.  Her honesty enabled dozens of readers to open up to. It is really thought -provoking.  Despite the progress women have made, why is there still so much violence and unthinking sexism to fight against?  It saddens me no end that our children, especially our girls,  will still have to deal with this.  Here is the post in full.

While we are on the subject of violence and misogyny against women, a French director Eleonore Pourriat came up with a brilliantly poignant and thought-provoking (yes, that word again!) film on the subject of sexism.  It is not long and I cannot urge you enough to watch it.  Watch it here.

Now, to end this note on a more positive note, I want to share an article on Gina Sanders, a CEO in the publishing world.   Enjoy!

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