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Hudson Clearwater

Hudson clearwater1

One of the things I really enjoy when traveling is discovering new restaurants. I especially like the hidden tiny gems that are far from maddening crowd.  In a city like New York, you are spoilt for choice so it can be difficult if not daunting to find a good one.  But I had heard of small restaurant hidden in the West Village.  The idea that it was hidden was what sold me to the idea of trying this particular one.

When we arrived at the address given for Hudson Clearwater, the entrance wasn’t immediately clear.   After looking around a bit, we realized that the entrance was a small green side door.  It opened to a tiny little courtyard and we were immediately charmed.

Hudson Clearwater2It wasn’t very big inside but it was certainly bustling. With its exposed brick walls and  candles lighting the tables Hudson Clearwater has a very cozy ambiance.   The cuisine is robust and well-executed American fare.  I started my dinner with their butter clam gnocchi dish which was excellent. The clams were served with the gnocchi in this delicious broth that was made for dipping the crostini bread it was served with.  If there was one must-order dish from this restaurant, its definitely this one.

For the main dish I went with the crispy duck breast served on a bed of vegetables.  I normally don’t order duck but this one was quite tender and well cooked.  It was flavorful with the vegetables complementing the meat perfectly.  All in all a good dish even if you’re not a fan of duck.

As if weren’t full enough, we decided to go ahead and order dessert. It wasn’t completely reasonable on our part but its hard to regret that when the chocolate banana pudding we ordered prove to be scrumptious! It was a huge portion but I’m happy to report that the balance between chocolate and banana was perfectly proportioned.

A charming location, great food and good service. What more can we ask for? This is definitely a keeper!


Hudson Clearwater

447 Hudson St. NYC

212 989 3255





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