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Little Folks Pleasure Book

Little folks pleasure book




My find of the week was a bit of a surprise.  As always I was on the lookout for beads (all for work of course) but there was a dearth of interesting beads at the flea market we visited.  No matter, I consoled myself, I’ll have better luck elsewhere. It was just before leaving that I spotted this book. I think it was the title that caught my attention.  I love children’s books especially older editions.  This one definitely looked old. And according to the seller it was at least 100 years old! Little folks colored page


I think the deal was pretty much sealed when I saw the colored illustration. I love the delicate hand that drew all the details you can see. I love its soft faded color that speaks of bygone days. And I wonder why its the only page that’s colored even though the rest of the stories are nonetheless beautifully illustrated in black and white.   The stories themselves are short tales with a moral at the end.

Unfortunately the book is in very poor condition. The pages have completely come off the spine and I’m half afraid of opening it for fear of damaging it even more.  And I probably need to find someone who can restore it.    little folks3




I would also love more information about my book. Does anybody know anything about these books? I’d love to hear from you.little folks2

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  1. Also have a thing for beautifully illustrated children’s books. You have found quite a number in France and in the US!! lucky you!! All gorgeous!!!

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