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My workspace

DSCN3655Hello friends, I wanted to show you my clean and nice looking work space. Truth be told, it doesn’t often look so nice as this. So when it does, I find myself inspired to share it with you.  I just found the Bead Timeline, a book I’ve been wanting to add to my bead library so I was overjoyed when I did finally find it!  With all the unpacking and moving, I unearthed some colorful flapper era necklaces that I bought from my last flea market jaunt. They’re so pretty for spring and its great for making great coils of color around my neck.  And last but not the least, a new piece I’m working on.

How about you, what does your workspace look like?

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  1. Adore your workspace!! I’m sure it doesn’t look so bad when you’re in the middle of some big project. Your beads are fabulous!!

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