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Oscar jewels

Hello friends, I trust your weekend went well?  As you may have heard, last night was the Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest night.  While the ceremony was a tad long, it was definitely fun checking out the sparkly dresses and even sparklier jewelry.   There was no shortage of eye candy last night! To start off the week, I thought I’d share my own list of outstanding jewelry.  Photos are courtesy of Vogue and the Guardian.

Most of the stars chose to go the classic route with diamonds with karat figures in the hundreds.

Best actress winner Cate Blanchett’s Armani dress was in a shade only she could pull off but it was her earrings that had me in awe. Now, those are doorknockers!  They were by Chopard and is composed of opals, white gold and of course diamonds.

cate blanchette oscars

Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear her Art Deco 100 karat diamond necklace by Neil Lane over her back. Now, there’s a casual way of wearing your diamonds.  From the front, it looks very simple but its when she turns around that you can see it in its full glory. Not bad, but I was thinking that if she was going to do that, then maybe she should have chosen a longer necklace and that the back of the dress should have shown it more.  I like this idea though. No reason why the back of the dress shouldn’t be as adorned as the front!

Jenniferlawrence oscar


Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts both wore black and dazzling jewelry. Charlize Theron’s necklace by Harry Winston is a cool 15 Million Dollars! I guess she had security people following her around the whole night?


Julia Robert’s choice was more interesting.  Her earrings featured baguette and round cut diamonds and emeralds. Plus she had a fabulous vintage Bulgari bangle from 1955. I loved the bangle!


JuliaRoberts oscar


And finally there was Amy Adams, who was one of the rare stars to go with something other than diamonds. Well, her earrings by Tiffany did have diamonds but it also had some gorgeous Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and even Rhodocrosite.  Her gorgeous ring was a fire opal. I thought it was cool that some other gemstones were on show last night.  Totally proves the point that they could dress up an outfit just as well as diamonds!

Amyadams oscarsAnd so there you have my totally subjective list of outstanding jewelry looks from last night. Which ones were your favorites?


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