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Puttin on the Ritz

Hello friends, remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about the Intersection of Fashion and the Automobile?  I had the chance to see the lovely lady curators in action last Sunday at a Roaring 20s themed fashion show in connection with the  Roaring 20s: From Riches to Rags exhibit at the Lorenzo Cultural Center.

It was a lively and fun fashion show with Lynn masterfully recounting the beginnings of 20s fashion and its evolution in relation to the times.  The audience of nearly 600 people were enthralled especially when the models started to walk the room.  There was a good mix of day and evening wear which gave the audience a concrete idea of twenties fashion. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without fabulous jewelry to complement the outfits!

Take a look at this authentic and original gingham dress worn as a housedress. As Lynn pointed out, can you imagine dusting and cleaning while wearing this outfit?!


Along with live models,  the curators brought along some special outfits such as this authentic flapper dress which was completely hand beaded. It weighs a ton and is now too fragile to wear. It comes out only for special occasions like last Sunday’s fashion show.


The other memorable piece was this 1920s wedding dress which came complete with the original wax flowers on the headpiece.  This dress belonged to the grandmother of one of the curator’s friends and was donated to the exhibit.


If it was memorable seeing these dresses on display, it was even more memorable to see someone in the audience dressed in her own 20s fashion.  Ginny here has been a collector of vintage fashion for over fifty years and she came dressed to the nines with her wonderful jewelry, beaded bag, bejeweled cloche and that silver whisky flask!   20140401-202126.jpg

Here are Victoria and Elaine, two of the curators along with who was arguably the cutest model of the show wearing an authentic sailor outfit from the 20s.  I love how her doll is wearing the matching outfit!20140401-201618.jpg

Here is Lynn as Thedda Bara.  Check out that headpiece, which was very typical of the 20s.20140401-201657.jpg

And finally, the cast taking a well deserved bow.20140401-201812.jpg

For more photos of the show, check out Fashion and the Automobile on the show.

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