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Some pretty things


Hello friends, how is your week coming along? I’ve been a bit neglectful because I’ve been somewhat preoccupied but to make up for it, I decided to share with you some of the interesting things I’ve seen at the last antique show I had the pleasure of attending.

I didn’t have a very long time to spend at the show. In fact I told myself I’d do a quick round and go. Of course I ended spending more time than I should because there were so many  things to look at. Not so much furniture and big antique pieces, but there were loads of beautiful jewelry and interesting curios and knick-knacks.

First thing that caught my eye were these gorgeous boxes and photograph albums (pictured above). They are celluloid covered boxes and were very much in vogue between 1893 and 1910. There’s something so lady like and delicate about them though I’d be hard pressed to know what I would do with them now.


And just look at these pretty and unused powder puffs from Germany from the turn of the century. They were certainly the prettiest powder puffs I’ve ever seen and a far cry from the industrial ones they sell now  Honestly, I was tempted to bring home one for me. There is something so decadent about them don’t you think?

Then I saw one lady with her amazing collection of compact cases. In the early 20s up to the 30s, ladies didn’t carry around huge cavernous bags like we do now. They would swan about with their necessaries,(hence they were called necessaries)– and by this it meant powder and rouge and they came in these pretty designs and shapes.



The lady whose booth I was in has been collecting them for the past 20 years and I have to say that her collection is pretty amazing. These two photos are but a fraction of what she has.  I just love them for no other reason than that they’re pretty and as someone once pointed out, it only takes three to make a collection.

Lest you think I only looked at all the girlie things I could look at, I did spend some time admiring some gorgeous Straffordshire and wouldn’t you know it, I was taken by that cute teapot lamp.  Oh wait, do these count as girlie things too?

IMG_7007.JPG Ultimately though, I came home with other things. And that dear friends, is the topic of the next blog post!

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A vintage shopping morning



Today dawned gray and drizzly. But this did not stop a group of us from joining Loren Weiner in her Vintage Shopping Tour.  Loren is a great guide as she is passionate about vintage and more importantly, the design possibilities it offers.  She has a keen eye for pieces that are not necessarily the most expensive but, are interesting and adaptable to modern living.  If you are interested in learning more about Loren’s work, check out her site.

Essentially this morning’s activity revolved around two specially chosen places that are full of interesting treasures and trinkets that make vintage shopping so much fun.  As we walked around the stores, Loren talked to us about some standout pieces and what could be done with them.

Our first stop was Vintage Vogue.  You’d never guess it from the outside, but it is crammed full of furniture,light fixtures, paintings, clothes and jewelry. There is so much to see and I’m told that they have an even bigger warehouse full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. I’m going to have to make another trip just to see that!! I did snap a few photos of some things that caught my eye.  Here are a few of them…

A wonderful selection of antique and vintage needlepoint and beaded bags…


A 60s era table lamp that I thought was wonderful.  I love the idea of a three in one lamp! This way you’re sure to have ample light to read by..


And because I adore trinkets, I thought this lipstick holder was pretty awesome. Who can tell that its a mere lipstick holder?20140327-165616.jpg


Time passed all too quickly but luckily we still had a second stop to look forward to. Oddfellows is actually an antique mall serendipitously located inside one of  downtown Berkley’s oldest buildings—the Oddfellows Hall.  The hall was constructed in 1920.   According to Wikipedia, the OddFellows is actually a benevolent and altruistic fraternal organization that was derived from the British OddFellows service organizations of the 17th century.  I thought it quite fitting that antiques and vintage pieces would be housed in such a building.

There are about 50 different vendors in the Oddfellows antique mall.  It was an interesting experience to browse the different booths as they had very interesting and varied selections.  Some pieces stood out for me.

I loved this French vanity table with its gorgeous wood inlay work.


And because I love Murano glass, this chandelier was a stand out for me.  It dates back to the 1920s/30s.  20140327-165745.jpg

There were lots of vintage children’s books..20140327-165829.jpg

and I’m still thinking of this cute set of place holders from the 40s.20140327-165903.jpg

It was an altogether enjoyable morning and I’m quite sure that I’ll be visiting those two stores again in the near future!!


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The Midlands Antique Fair

Since we moved, I’ve been on a mission to find a work table. A table which can host my myriad little beads, my tools and the other accoutrements of my trade. I have an idea in mind, not so big because it has to fit in our house but big enough for all my things, some drawers to put in my things and preferably antique.  Its been surprisingly difficult to find this table. It was with this mission in mind that we’ve been trying to visit the bigger antique fairs

One antique fair we recently visited was the Midlands Antiques and Collectible Fair. And it is a huge fair. It houses several buildings and myriad stalls outside its extensive grounds. I had high hopes.

It started off well enough especially when I saw one stand’s beautiful collection of antique perfume bottles. They were mostly from Austria and Czechoslavakia from the turn of the century and they were exported to the US in the 40s/50s. Each one seemed like miniature masterpieces but as I was looking for a table, I reluctantly left them behind.

perfume bottles

Then I saw this absolutely gorgeous music box. According to the seller it is a Regina music box, which was one of the premier  music box makers in the US in the 19th century and this particular beauty is from 1898.  He very kindly played it for us and the music was beautiful and full-bodied. regina music box

So far no table in sight but outside we saw this gorgeous antique trunk from the late 19th century. This one still bears the name of the German family who used the trunk to travel to the US. I don’t know why this trunk moved me so much. I suppose its the idea of this trunk once holding a family’s worldly possessions as they crossed the ocean into a new life. It made me wonder how they fared and how this trunk came to be sitting here in an antique fair, waiting for a new life to start. german trunk

By this time, I had given up on finding a table. This fair didn’t seem to be the sort where I would find it but I was happy to have seen some gorgeous objects.  So now, the question needs to be asked–did I come home empty handed?

Tune in tomorrow for the answer….