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Bead photo of the day


Happy Monday friends! It’s been awhile since I did a bead photo so I thought I’d share one today.

Today’s bead is a fairly new (dating back to the 90s)  bead by Luigi Cattelan, a contemporary bead artist and one of the best still making chevron beads. Speaking of Chevrons, I have very few Chevron beads though they are very collectible by bead afficionados. I’ve stayed away from them because there are notorious fakes of Venetian chevrons and it is all too easy to make a mistake with them. Maybe it’s silly, but I want every bead in my collection to be authentic and not copies. Even though it can be argued that these venetian beads are themselves copies of ancient Islamic beads.  Well, Chevrons are one of those beads that are copied left and right and worse passed off as antiques. But I digress.

As you may now know, I collect old beads but occasionally, I see new beads that are too pretty to pass up! Case in point this Cattelan bead. I love its bright colors set in a creamy matte base. I’m quite excited to add this to my bead box and can’t wait to create something with this bead!