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Color palette of the week

Earlier this week it was very gloomy and dark. Now, I’m not a fan of dark and stormy so when I started work, I found myself gravitating towards some of my brighter beads. Something to beat away the gloom if you will. Of course once I started with this idea, I just kept going with it. Here’s what I’ve come up so far…

A simple necklace with a vibrant silver green foil bead with this deep flash of blue. This Bohemian bead dates back to the late 30s , early 40s. This piece is designed to stack happily with other necklaces already in your jewelry box. Or when you just want a hint of color.

For my next piece, I decided to make a bracelet. The bead I used here is deceptively simple looking. But look closely and there are swirls of aventurine hiding in its depths. This one is Venetian in origin and I’d say is early 1900s.

Making this bracelet, reminded me of another very special bead that I’ve had for awhile. An antique teeny tiny peacock eye glass bead from Venice. These beads get their name from their brilliant colors that resemble the plumage of a peacock. To make this bracelet even more special, I matched them with tiny antique coral beads.

Once I’d made the bracelets, I thought well, I might as well make some earrings to go with all these pieces. You can never go wrong with having a new pair or two.

This first pair is made with these really bright apple green Venetian silver foil beads from the 40s. They really are scrumptious looking!

And last but not the least is a really fun pair of dangling earrings made with vintage green and blue glass beads.

All these pieces will be coming soon in the eshop!! Drop me a line if you can’t wait!

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Inspired by spring


Despite today’s gray and leaden skies, nature is marching inexorably in springs path. The garden is carpeted with dandelions and all the trees have tender little leaves. I’m inspired by all this burgeoning greenery. From my beadbox comes some spring colored glass beads. These are Czech glass beads from the 50s. I’m thinking I’ll make a pretty bracelet with these.


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Netted collar necklace

Netted collar2Hello friends, I hope your week is off to a great start!

I am feeling pretty happy with mine because I just finished a new necklace in a completely different style.  You may be quite familiar already with the sautoirs and the simple dog collar ones I’ve made in the past so this new one is a bit of a departure for me.

It started out when I found this great stash of orange melon shaped beads with dramatic gold stripes.  It was made in Czechoslovakia in the 40s and I was lucky enough to be able to buy the strand. Now, I normally don’t have a lot of beads to work with, so I have to be creative with what I do have.  But this time, I had a great number of beads to work with. What to do with such a fortune?

I looked around for a different style till I saw the Netted Collar style necklace. And I realized that this style is perfect for my stash of beads.  Its dramatic and bold and has the amazing ability to dress up anything you put on!  I love the fact that I was able to do a totally different style (there it is again, the theme of my life which is to step out of my comfort zone) and at the same time incorporate a bit of beadwork in my work.

Beadwork you say? Despite working with beads for sometime now, I’ve just discovered the wonderful world of beadwork with all the different patterns and stitches.  This my friends, is simple compared to some other stitches I’ve seen, but I’m  pretty happy to have started with this.  Who knows what other patterns I’ll learn next.  The possibilities are endless!

Here’s to a great week!!