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Some new pieces to start the new year

Happy New Year friends! Hope your year is off to a rousing start!   I’m excited about all the possibilities offered by 2016. Lots of plans chez nous–more jewelry of course. In addition to my usual line of jewelry created with antique and vintage glass beads, I’m adding a line using semi-precious stones and crystals. This will of course, still incorporate my cherished glass beads. I can’t wait to start unveiling these pieces.  In the meantime, here are some new pieces that I’ve just added to the shop


First off is this gorgeous royal blue and gold necklace. Apparently, blue and gold are lucky colors for the year of the monkey so I’m glad to be able to add this to the shop. These blue glass beads were made in France in the 50s. I love this combination, its a classic but never boring. This necklace is a great length, able to stand on its own but you can also layer it with your other pieces.


The second necklace features a really pretty filigree charm from France. It dates back to the 40s. I love filigree, it automatically adds such a decorative touch to any piece I make. That this charm is vintage French adds immensely to its appeal.  To keep the focus on the charm, I’ve kept the rest of the beads simple, using only faceted Bohemian glass beads to finish the piece.


And finally, I made this pretty red orange glass bead necklace. This color is not quite fire engine red but rather a lovely and uncommon red orange color. These beads date back to the late 40s. I like to think of this as both a winter and spring piece. It adds a pop of color to your winter wardrobe and works wonderfully when we start seeing warmer weather!

More to come so stay tuned!

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Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday

This was supposed to be a Throwback Thursday post but as you can see I got delayed and so this post has turned into Flashback Friday.
Just wanted to share with you all a photo of one of the happy people who came away from the WinterMarkt with an original Petites Merveilles piece. She stopped by the day after and showed me how her necklace went beautifully with a piece she already had.
The piece she bought is composed of vintage French champagne colored glass pearls and vintage French bottle green glass beads. Both the beads and pearls are from the 50s.
Judging from her big smile, I’d say she was happy with her purchase!!

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Throwback Thursday: Fun hoop earrings



Hello friends, today I thought I’d do a Throwback Thursday post featuring one of the first pieces I ever sold after our big move. At that time,  I didn’t know anybody and was just trying to figure out how to join art fairs.  I was quite apprehensive about starting a new business so far from where I’d started.    This piece was one of the first I sold after I made my first friend who was completely enthused about the fact that I make jewelry! She was looking for a fun piece to give as a birthday present and the minute she saw these earrings, she knew it was perfect for the person she had in mind!

These earrings are quite fun and add immediate pizzazz to any outfit.  But what makes them truly special are these faceted glass hoops. They look and feel quite light but they are glass and it truly takes a master craftsman to make something so delicate out of glass.  They’re not just hoops, there are facets in the way the hoop is cut and that’s quite uncommon.  I’ve seen since other glass hoops but these had not faceting in them.  These red hoops were made in Paris in the late 30s and at the last minute,  I decided to add some little glass pearls from the 50s to accentuate the hoops.

This was quite a memorable sale for me as it made me feel that I could start over and that I would find people who would love jewelry that I make!