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Midweek lucky finds

 In the middle of running errands, I realized I had a free hour. Fortunately I was very near a local antique mall that I had been meaning to visit. I still have to get used to the idea of antique malls, till we moved to the U.S., antiques malls were an unknown concept to me. I’m still not certain to love the idea but it does make browsing a lot easier when the stalls are all in one place.

Anyway, while visiting this particular one, there was hardly any interesting jewelry and no beads either. Just before leaving, I decided to check out the last glass case and here is where I found two beautiful glass buckles and a cross pendant. The colors on these pieces are so rich and saturated that this picture doesn’t do it justice. These pieces are from Bohemia and date back to the early 1920s. It’s possible that these pieces came from Jablonec, at that time, a huge glassmaking center in Bohemia. During its heyday in the 20s, some 45,000 people were working in the production and trade of glass beads, buttons and jewelry.  Sadly this once robust industry is a shadow of its former self. Many of the glass factories are shuttered down and many of the old glass makers have no one to pass on their craft. 

That’s why every time I see pieces like these, I snap them up. I love incorporating them in new pieces and giving them a new lease in life.