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Pink on a rainy day


Suddenly its pouring out. After days of sunny 80 degree weather, we are hit by a powerful storm.  As an antidote to all this gray rain, I decided to cheer myself up by making something outrageously pink and pretty.  I know, I said I was going to work with some vintage French charms (here they are from Monday’s post), but I haven’t had the chance to work on them because I got distracted with some vintage Japanese glass beads.  I work almost exclusively with European glass beads.  But the Japanese too had, and continue to have a thriving bead industry.  Over the summer, I lucked out and found some really pretty Japanese glass dating back to the 50s/60s.  The necklace pictured above is my first attempt to create a piece with them.  I love this white and pink color combination and the fact that there is a glass cane right smack in the middle of the bead.  I love this elbow shape as well and the fact that I have more than one!   Funnily enough, when I started with this necklace, I only put in the elbow shaped beads. After wearing it around the house, I thought it was missing something. A search in my bead box turned up the only other Japanese bead I had before. This one is the classic round floral bead and I thought it was the perfect piece to add to the necklace!  It is designed to be a ras-de-cou (or dog collar) style necklace so it looks great peeking out from under a button down shirt.

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying to make an earring to match. But as I couldn’t very well put elbow shaped beads in an earring (or maybe I could, something to think about….), I thought a simple pair of hoops would go well with them.  These ones are pale pink glass hoops from Bohemia in the 50s.

IMG_6540.JPGEh voila…pretty in pink ensemble!