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Telling a story


Once, on a flea market jaunt in Paris, I found a small bag of vintage charms. It was a group of various charms with no apparent unifying theme. All I was told was that it had been part of a much bigger jar of charms and that over the years, people would buy one or two depending on what they were looking for. What was left when I finally came along included a seashell, a pair of scissors, a dog, some zodiac signs, an apple and a star. It’s a completely random group right?
And because of its randomness, I couldn’t see how I could make a charm bracelet out of it. After all, charm bracelets are supposed to tell something about the person wearing it right?
Today, I took out the bag and thought that I was going about it the wrong way. Instead of forcing a theme, I thought I’d just pick out the charms randomly and allow them to tell a story.
So this bracelet is my first attempt. It’s got a dog, a letter B, a pair of scissors and the bust of a young lady. I’m thinking this bracelet belongs to someone who likes dogs (kinda obvious?), and whose name starts with a B. Maybe this person sews a lot hence the scissors or maybe she’s a hair stylist. I haven’t quite figured out the bust. Seen this way, the charms aren’t so random anymore.
What do you think? Can you tell a story with this bracelet?

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Violet pretty things

2 purple bracelets

Hello friends, how is your Monday coming along?  I hope your week is off to a good start!  A big shop update is in the works but I  wanted to share two new pieces with you today. The theme of these bracelets is violet and they were inspired by the pretty violet flowers growing abundantly in the garden. Funny how inspiration will strike us huh?

This first bracelet has a vintage violet matte focal bead decorated with crown like bead caps. I matched them with some light violet beads and my favorite crystal rondelles.

Opaque purple bracelet2

The second bracelet has a violet crystal cut focal bead. This time I decided to go with some violet colored freshwater pearls. I thought the pearls made a nice contrast to the crystal cut bead and its nice to mix up the vintage beads with another kind of bead.

Purple with freshwater pearls1I really like how they turned out. Similar but with their own distinctive personality.  Both focal beads are from the 50s while the light violet round beads are from the early 60s. I’m very tempted to keep one for my own collection. Question is, which one?



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Fashion friday: Blush Pink

blushing pink collageMaybe because we had a particularly long winter and we are now having some summer weather that I find myself gravitating towards the color blush. This is a bit unlike me as I tend to go for the brighter and more vibrant hues but there’s something about this color that is just very appealing at the moment.

I’m not the only one having a blush moment. Pantone has declared blush as one of the key color trends for spring/ summer 2013. Today’s post is my own small collection of crushes on all things blush.

Photos from left to right are as follows:

The color Blush from the Pantone website

My current favorite Maje top with its refreshingly cool palette  of ecru and blush

Some beautiful flowers from a park near our apartment in Paris.

My very own blush creation available at De Petites Merveilles.

A very pretty scarf from dyeproservices.

And last but not the least, a pair of gorgeous custom made shoes from SHUNAMI a newly discovered etsy seller.

Are you having a particular color moment? I’d love to hear from you..