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Wedding cake beads


Hello friends, I hope your week is off to a rousing start! I like to start the week by wearing something red. Someone once told me that it gives the wearer a boost of energy and that has stuck with me ever since.  I’ve chosen to interpret this as including red colored beads. Fortunately for me, wedding cake beads, one of my favorite kind of bead, comes in different shades of red! And so I thought I’d share with you what I have in my bead box.

The first set (pictured above) have the distinctive floral trailings of a Venetian wedding cake bead.  They date back to the very early years of the 1900s.  And I’m fortunate to have found in very good condition though I wasn’t able to buy the entire strand.  The seller had already sold half the strand by the time I came along. Most of the trailings are still intact and there is hardly any decoration loss. There is a pair of earrings in the shop right now with these beads.

The second set of red wedding cake beads is a strand I acquired during my last trip in Paris.  These too have the distinctive floral design but in addition they have the white squiggly lines running across the beads. Sometimes, collectors refer to this kind of bead as latticino beads.  Latticino is an old Italian technique of decorating the glass with colored glass canes.  These beads date back to the 20s/30s.   I was fortunate enough to have found a long strand of these beads but they do need to be re-strung.  I think I’m keeping these beads.

IMG_6191.JPGHere are the two strands together. And if you have sharp eyes, you’ll see two beads that don’t belong to either strand..

IMG_6194.JPGDid you spot them? These are the red wedding cake beads from the 1940s which  I bought from a reputable dealer of antique beads from Venice.  They are slightly smaller and are a bit more uniform in size than the older two examples I have.  I decided to make a sautoir style necklace with them and the two you see with the rest are all that’s left from the lot.  This necklace is available in the shop!