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The Perfect Souvenir


Over the summer, while in a Greece, I became slightly obsessed by the Greek mati. I loved the idea of a talisman to ward off the evil eye. At its simplest, the evil eye is thought to be a look given to inflict harm, bad luck or misfortune to anyone perceived to be too successful. To be sure, this belief is not limited to the Greeks. It is prevalent in the Mediterranean countries but also in Turkey, Brazil and even Asia. Thus, evil eye charm was born to deflect the potentially harmful and malicious gaze of others. It has since become one of the most prevalent and strongest symbols in the world.

So I wanted to find the perfect charm to bring back home. And I wanted if possible an old Greek mati. Unfortunately, this proved to be elusive. Numerous vendors at the shops and flea market all told me the same thing– there are no more old mati symbols to be found. I had to be content with more modern interpretations.

Luckily I chanced upon a local jewelry company called Gregio, which featured the mati in a number of their gorgeous designs. They were all very pretty and wearable things so I was pretty spoilt for choice. Best of all, it was a local designer so I could support someone local!
Here are the two pieces I ended up getting! They make for the perfect souvenir that I could wear all year round!


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