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Throwback Thursday:Gone antiquing


Hello friends, for today’s Throwback Thursday post, I thought I’d write about a recent antique show we visited.  I was pretty happy with the show as it was a very good show full of nice furniture, interesting curios and some beautiful jewelry.  As always  my main focus is jewelry but I have to admit that some pieces of furniture caught my eye.  One dealer had this cool vintage red piece (pictured above) that was actually used to store hardware tools.  It was really nice and for awhile there, I could see it as a new home for my beads.  But did I really need another piece of furniture for my beads?

Another dealer was himself a cabinet maker and restaurer of old furniture.  He salvages old glass window frames and builds new cabinets and bookshelves around them.   One example is the bookshelf pictured below.  I love the idea of being able to save these glass frames and doing something completely different with them!


Of course, I lingered longest over the stands with the most interesting jewelry and curios. One stand had a gorgeous collection of buckles from the Victorian times,


as well as pretty miniature frames.


Another person had gorgeous Victorian era bangles and my favorites were the ones with the unusual black enameling.  Aren’t they pretty?


But my favorite was this complete children’s tea set from the James W. Tufts company from Boston. I love tea sets and this set of 6 teacups came complete with all the little tea spoons along with the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl.  The Tufts company was founded in 1875 in Boston where it quickly became a successful business in silver plated tableware.    This set is quite rare because of it is still complete and is in fine condition.  I still can’t believe that this tea set was made for children!  IMG_4020

It was such a nice afternoon spent among lovely things.  Hopefully with the arrival of spring (though winter seems to be lingering given the below freezing temperatures we are still experiencing!) there will be other equally interesting antique shows!

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  1. Love the red tool drawer, bangles and tea set!!! I suddenly miss antiquing… doing it vicariously thru you!! Thanks and keep sharing!

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